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Global research agency Gartner has selected "Digital Twin" as the top 10 strategic technology in 2018. Gartner defines digital twin as a "dynamic software model of physical objects and systems," describing the current state of physical objects as sensing data, responding to changes, improving operations and adding value.

In other words, the "Digital Twin" means that the information such as the shape, nature, and status of physical objects existing in the real world is equally implemented in cyberspace.

3D modeling and simulation technology has long been applied in many fields of industry including manufacturing. But "Digital Twin" is an advanced technology in the existing way of producing thousands and tens of thousands of products as a result of creating and simulating one model in that the Real and Twin are matched one to one.

Our Virtual Terminal has been selected one of example as Digital Twin solution in Maritime Port Business


2018 May

    • Business Partnership with Big52
    • Business Partnership with i-net Bank
    • Registered as Cisco re-seller
    • Business Partnership with IT Planet
    • Business Partnership with Innometrics

2018 April

    • TOC Asia Event @ Singapore (24-25/April)
    • Business Partnership with Total Soft Bank (TSB)
    • Completed Autonomous driving project with Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI)

2017 November

    • 2017 Republic of Korea ICT Grand Award