Virtual Power Plant



Pre-disaster prevention by predicting spontaneous ignition in coal warehouse

Analyzed the physical properties of coal stored in the coal warehouse, the temperature of the surface of the coal warehouse, the temperature of the bulkhead, analyzer information, and ambient temperature / humidity and Predict the possibility of spontaneous ignition and location in a coal warehouse
Notify operators of forecast results and support digestion by water spray system. - Step 1: Deliver to the operator in real-time (digest under operator’s confirmation) - Step 2: give real-time instruction to water spray system (automatic fire extinguishing)

Provides system environment that can respond immediately to various operation issues

Instantly display the information necessary for operation including all sensor information and facility information and deliver it to the operator in real time. Provide early warning through alarm and prevent malfunction and accident in advance for the improve operator safetySupports countermeasures by notifying related system such as safety environment system to real-time site situation when abnormality such as danger (fire, blackout, temperature / humidity)

Analyze the status of stored coal and equipment and strengthen management

To calculate the storage of coal by using laser sensor and to analyze the usage and storage period to minimize the occurrence of spontaneous ignition.
Supports the collection of utilization status and equipment status of the facilities and mobile facilities in the warehouse for the maintaining as optimal operation condition

Big data based accident analysis

To reproduce the real situation in case of an accident, we store real-time data as big data. we can reduces accident analysis time by simulation based on real data.