Virtual Warehouse

Real-time monitoring of all facilities including mobility in the logistics center

In order to grasp the status of the logistics facilities in the logistics center at a glance, Real-time monitoring of logistics facilities through data
Provides the same level of operation information provided through the logistics center and the Web, and shows real-time logistics (goods) inventories and shipments to stakeholders

Provides system environment that can respond to various operation issues immediately

The information necessary for operation, such as waiting status at the time of loading and unloading, is immediately displayed, Provides early warning through alarm to prevent the breakdown and accident.
Real-time on-the-spot situations such as hazardous factors (fire, blackout, temperature / humidity),We will notify you immediately and support your actions accordingly.

Optimization of operation through the orchestration of multiple logistics control facilities

The optimum operating mode for logistics optimization is determined by comprehensively determining the individual conditions of the goods receipt / delivery facility and the transportation facility and the operation situation in the warehouse.
- Step 1: Deliver to the worker in real time. - Step 2: Provide real-time instruction directly to the operation facilities in the warehouse

Diagnosis support through Big data based accident analysis and simulation

•Utilizing real-time data based on Big data, it recreates the real situation on the scene in case of an accident and reduces the time of accident analysis.
•Diagnose warehouse environment and support suitability of inventory layout, space utilization, layout improvement